Online Registration - SIGN YOUR CHILD UP HERE!

Online Registration - SIGN YOUR CHILD UP HERE!



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Annual Membership Fee: $360

Friendship Circle provides respite programming for children with special needs year-round. Membership helps to offset the cost of programs and offer programs to everybody who needs it.

$360 Annual Fee ( I can pay the full Annual Membership Fee)

$90 Quarterly Fee (I can pay the Quarterly Fee: 4 Payments/Year)

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Information About Your Child

Please fill out the following info about your child. This will help us be able to service your child in a safe environment for our children and volunteers.

What are some of your child's strengths and hobbies (ex. sports, art, social, academic)?

What is challenging for your child? (ex. loud, crowds, social, lack of structure)?

What are some challenging behaviors we might encounter?

Throwing Scratching Screaming Running Away Tantrums

Other Behaviors

Under what circumstances do these behaviors typically occur (ex. loud, over whelmed, hungry, tired)?

What strategies do you use to prevent these behaviors?

How does your child most successfully communicate (ex. leading, verbally, sign/gesture, picture symbols, etc)?

How does your child cope in challenging situations and how could we best support him/her (deep breathing, re-directions, quiet time)?

Please share any therapy your child is receiving (ex. Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language, Behavioral (ABA), etc).

Medical Information

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Please list any medical conditions that we should be aware of.

Please check off which programs your child would be interested in participating in. All programs are free unless otherwise noted. We welcome donations and never turn anyone away because of financial need.

Friends @ Home (Visits are free)

Friends@Home gives children with special needs the chance to bond with teen volunteers in the environment in which they are most comfortable, their own home. Children and their volunteers bake cookies, play games, create arts ‘n crafts, read books or do just about anything fun!


When would you like volunteers to come and visit your home?

1st choice
Day of the week


2nd choice
Day of the week


Would you be interested in having the same volunteer(s) or new volunteer(s)
Respite Service Agreement  
Friends At Home partners with you to ensure that a parent or guardian is home to assume responsibility and oversee activities. Teen volunteers are not to be left to assume responsibility for your children.
I/We (Parent/Guardian) release the Friendship Circle, its providers and administrators, from all liability for any incident which affects the health, welfare or safety of (child) in the provision of such service.

Sunday Circle - Every other Sunday, trained specialists and a team of teen volunteers lead children through art, music, and movement therapy, Kung Fu, games, and other fun activities.

Teen Scene -Teen Scene facilitates teens with special needs and college volunteers to enjoy meaningful activities and experiences together.

Holiday Programs - Holiday Programs enable children with special needs, their families, and their volunteer friends to experience Jewish holidays and customs in a festive, welcoming environment.

Commitment Statement

Friendship Circle partners with families to ensure the safety, fun and friendship for children with special needs. As part of our programming, I agree to:

  • Notify the FC promptly when I know that my child is unable to attend an event or receive a visit from a volunteer.
  • Provide a parent/guardian that will be a responsible contact for my child during FC programming (contact can vary from event to event).
  • Disclose all critical and supporting information about my child that will help FC staff and volunteers ensure his/her fun and safety.

I allow photographs and video of my child to be used by Friendship Circle in publications and on social media.


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